Part Number: 03-4044

Introducing CleatPort, the latest innovation for small craft from RAILBLAZA. With all the functionality of a traditional anchor cleat plus that someth...



Explore like never before! With CleatPort from RAILBLAZA, you have the functionality of a traditional anchor cleat plus the ability to mount any accessory. Perfect for kayaks and small craft, this easy-to-install product will keep your equipment safe no matter what waters you choose to discover. Experience a revolutionary way to explore now - get yours today at an affordable price!


- CleatPort gives you a tie off point for small craft

- StarPort allows you to add any RAILBLAZA accessory

- Available in black or white

Parts Included:

1 x CleatPort

Stainless hardware



Material Composition

UV Stabilized Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic

CleatPort Overview

INTRODUCING CLEATPORT - RAILBLAZA's latest innovation, perfect for small craft! This easy-to-install product lets you mount any RAILBLAZA accessory, making it the perfect choice for kayaks, canoes, and dinghies.

EASY INSTALLATION - CleatPort is a breeze to install! The included backing plate keeps stainless fastenings isolated from aluminum decks, preventing corrosion and giving you peace of mind no matter what waters you choose to explore.

ALL THE FUNCTIONALITY OF A TRADITIONAL CLEAT - Plus the ability to mount any RAILBLAZA accessory! With CleatPort, you get all the features you need in a cleat plus the flexibility to add whatever accessories make your boat work best for you.

PERFECT FOR KAYAKS - When used as a tender too! The affordable price point makes CleatPort a great choice for anyone looking for a versatile product that does it all. Get yours today and experience all the features of RAILBLAZA's innovative design.

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