HEXX Live Pole 60


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The HEXX Live Pole 60 gives anglers an all-new way to unearth the full potential of their fishfinder. It provides seamless integration with Live Sonar...

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HEXX Live Pole 60


Get the most out of your fishing experience with the HEXX Live Pole 60! It offers seamless integration with Live Sonar Transducers to provide you with real-time views under the water. Plus, its lightweight design allows portability and a soft grip handle makes it comfortable to use on any boat.


- Easily attach live sonar transducers - all brands

- Easy 360-degree rotation to follow targets

- Direction indicator shows transducer aim

- Swiftly stows on the gunnel or detach and stow
- Cable management clips supplied
- 61" overall length, 33" folded length
- neoprene carry bag to protect sonar & cables while transporting
Parts Included:

1 x HEXX Mount base

1 x Live Pole kit with handle

1 x Location Arrow

1 x HEXX carry bag



Material Composition

Extruded Aluminum Poles UV resistant, high impact polymers

HEXX Live Pole 60 Overview
SEE MORE ACTION BELOW THE WATER - Enjoy the full potential of your fishfinder with the HEXX Live Pole 60. This innovative pole provides seamless integration with Live Sonar Transducers, allowing you to view more action below the water in real-time.

COMPATIBLE WITH ALL FISHFINDERS - The HEXX Live Pole 60 is compatible with Garmin Live Scope, Lowrance Active Target and Humminbird Mega Live, making it easy for anglers to get the most from their fishfinder.

PORTABLE DESIGN - The pole is lightweight and can be easily stowed away when not in use, making it perfect for anglers who like to travel light. Supplied with a neoprene carry bag to protect sonar & cables while transporting. It also attaches to the deck, giving it stability and the perfect angle of aim for your transducer.

SOFT GRIP HANDLE - Situated at hip level, the soft grip handle makes operation easy and comfortable – even when conditions are tough.
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HEXX Live Pole 60

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